Sunday, October 4, 2009

Research Lab 9/29- 10/1 (4 hr)

I was able to help in the Research Lab this week. I was able to get much more familiar with the VO2 machine. I now know how to put the head piece and mouthpiece together, which is harder than one would expect. I know how to assemble the machine, but I am still a bit wary about how to get the test started. On Thursday I was able to listen in while Dr. Black quizzed his juniors about Exercise Physiology and how it related to the submax and max tests that they performed in the lab while I was there. This was a good review and made me realize how much I need to continue to refresh about what we have already learned. The submax test was cool. After the guy biked for around 20-30 mins, he just sat still so the machine could measure his EPOC. Very interesting.

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