Friday, October 23, 2009

Basketball Training 10/5 - 10/7 (2 hours)

Monday the 5th and Wednesday the 7th the basketball players continued in the same phase. Monday they were in the weight room. I was stationed at the boxes. They had to complete one leg jumps onto the large box. I'm always so nervous that they are going to fall or twist an ankle; but I make sure that another player is standing guard in front of the box spotting. I also have realized that I can't talk to them as they are doing the jumps because it is easy for them to lose their balance and fall. The purpose of this station is to work on their explosiveness. It will strengthen the muscles needed in order to jump up powerfully to snatch down a rebound. I have to make sure that the players knees are not translating over their toes when they land the jump. This strain could cause injury at the knee joint. On Wednesday the basketball players were very pumped to say the least because it was their last day of ropes. I really have seen an improvement in their endurance on the ropes. They seem to fatigue later rather than earlier. I was stationed at a Tsunami rope and the plank. The plank is where I have to be on my toes. Since they are so tired, it's really easy for their form on the plank to become slack. They tend to roll their shoulder forward or drop their hips to where it's not really doing much good. After slight cueing though, they normally correct themselves quickly.

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