Sunday, October 25, 2009

Guy's Basketball (2 hours)

This week they changed the schedule for the basketball players. We go Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30. They have moved to the "Maintenance Phase" of their workouts seeing as they are almost in their season. So their workouts are focused more on explosive and powerful moves. The station I was placed at this week was the power box jumps. They step onto a really high box, jump down from it and then explode up onto a smaller box. I think this will really aid them in jumping to get rebounds. The second day I was stationed at inverted rows and 1/4 squats. The one mistake a lot of them made was locking their knees out when they reached the top of the squat, but they are supposed to never lock out their legs and just perform fast explosive mini squats. The only part about this lift I didn't like was the fact that the amount of weight on there was really heavy and it was hurting all of their necks. They all complained about how it was hurting them. Maybe we can find a pad or something to help with this problem. All of these exercises are done to improve their power.

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