Sunday, October 25, 2009

Research Lab 10/20 & 10/22 (4 hours)

Dr. Black has been working on a caffeine study. He is doing VO2 tests on people and seeing what their VO2 max is. Then he is doing other tests on them giving them either a caffeine pill or a placebo and seeing if their endurance changes. It's a very interesting study. So this week we were just watching different tests being done and seeing how to do them. I saw a couple of max tests and then a couple of sub max tests. I'm still not confident in knowing how to actually perform the tests on the computer but I do know how to put all of the equipment together and how to set up for the tests. And I know how to clean all of the equipment. For one of the tests we were doing a sub max test on a person, but we had to throw the test out because after the test she told us that her arms were sore before we even started because she had worked out the day before. Dr. Black said that this messes with the results and he has to throw that test out. I need to ask more questions about the study, because I'm still a little confused about what all is being measured and what this is going to tell him about caffeine. I am anxious to see what the results show.

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