Friday, October 23, 2009

Research Lab 10/15 (2.5 hours)

When I got to the lab Doc was in there putting together the treadmill that had been broken forever. He had most of it already apart but he had to figure out how to get the belt off. We were worried that the main machine part would fall flat on the ground if we just lifted the frame up, but we did it and it worked out perfectly. Then Doc had to leave and he asked me to clean the treadmill out with a vacuum cleaner. I was like, this isn't that bad of a chore just cleaning it out. The problem came with finding the vacuum cleaner. I started out getting one from Toyia and it didn't work. Then I waited trying to find a custodian in the Health Sciences building. When I finally found one he sent me to a guy in A & S. That custodian sent me to another building that was by the Magnolia Ballroom. Finally I found a vacuum cleaner with a hose. When I finally got back to the lab I cleaned out the parts of the treadmill. I tried to get all of the dust and all of the dirt off of it with the vacuum and wipes. This was a very eventful two and a half hours. I definitely got a workout in running all over campus.

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