Friday, October 23, 2009

Club Hours 10/5 - 10/16 (4 hours)

Wednesday night was a great bonding night for the Exercise Science Club. We had a game night at my house. Though my living room is a little small, we were able to fit us all in. We started out just hanging out and talking; then we brought out some delicious cookies and treats. Then we started my favorite game ever...Catch Phrase!! It is such a great game for a large amount of people. That was super fun. Then we played signs. It was quite comical. Thursday night the 15th we had an Exercise Science Club meeting. We discussed the shirts, our potential Turkey Trot...which I think is a great idea! I hope that all comes together and we are able to do that in November. Then we discussed our ultimate frisbee team and about our "Get to Know You" day we are going to participate in with the other groups in the Health Sciences Field. It was a great meeting. I think Jules and Katie are awesome President and VP. Friday the 16th was a special day for our building. It was the ribbon cutting and the dean and important people were going to be all around so we had to decorate one of the bulletin boards with Exercise Science info. I love doing things like that so it was actually enjoyable.

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