Saturday, October 17, 2009

Personal Training 10/5-10/16 (6.5 hours)

With the fall break I just decided to combine these two weeks of training blogging. The 5th my client started out with the Big 3 as usual, but this week we increased the time to 15 sec for each exercise. Then on the treadmill she ran two mins and walked one minute for 15 mins. Then she did pushups, squat medicine ball passes, ab leg push downs, and then while sitting on the exercise ball and holding a 6 lb medicine ball she would do a sit up and then pass me the ball. The 6th we did the card game in Centennial. My client always loves a good card game. This day I focused mostly on lower body and cardio. Here is what it entailed:
A: Run on the curves...on straight ways do 1) karaoke 2) butt kicks 3) high knees 4) lunges
K: Run the stairs
Q: Run a lap
J: Mountain climbers x 2 and Pushups x 2
Spades: Squats with the 12 lb body bar
Clubs: Bicep curls with 12 lb body bar
Diamonds: Leg lifts (ea side abduction and adduction)
Hearts: Knee into chest abs
Then on the 7th we started with the Big 3 then the stairmaster. We increased her time to nine minutes at level 14. She was very proud that she accomplished this seeing as we started out only doing 2 mins on the stairmaster and she was very tired. Then we ran/walked outside for 20 minutes. We did abs and arms this day. Scissor kicks 3 x 10, Medicine ball abs on exercise ball 3 x 10, while maintaining a sitting position with abs engaged throwing the 6 lb medicine ball 3 x 10, throw the medicine ball with each arm 15 ea, push-ups 3 x 10. This day I noticed that my clients endurance with the strength in her arms is getting better. I love seeing progress! The 15th she did a 30 min power walk and then Martino ab workout. Then I tried something that I never had before. 30 sec of an exercise with a 30 sec rest period then to the next exercise. Here was the pattern. We did the entire set 3 times. Push-ups, abs on exercise ball, squats with exercise ball, bicep curls, ab leg throwdowns, split leg squats, throw med ball, ab leg roll ups. Rest was in between each exercise. Then we concluded the workout with 10 mins on the stairmaster. The 16th we did antoher card workout, but this one was in the depot. Here it is:
A: 15 sec plank on ea side
K: 2 mins stairmaster
Q: 5 shoulder raises, 5 lateral raises, 5 V's
J: Stand on balance circles for 45 sec while catching and throwing the 6 lb med ball
Spades: Push-ups
Clubs: Jumping Lunges
Hearts: Sitting crunch with med ball throw
Diamonds: Band pull backs (working the back)

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