Monday, November 16, 2009

Personal Training 11/9-11/11 (3.75 hrs)

This Monday we met at the depot. My client began the workout with the Big 3. She has stayed at 15 sec for each of the exercises. Then she ran for 10 minutes on the treadmill at a 5.5 pace at an incline of 2. Then she biked on the stationary bike for 15 minutes at level 4 on the random setting. She was pretty tired after this, but she has been expressing to me that she desires to do more cardio so then we did the stairmaster for 9 minutes. We could tell that we hadn't done the stairmaster in a while and that our body wasn't used to it because we got fatigued faster than usual. But she did complete the entire 9 minutes so we were both very proud. Then she did 3 x 12 pushups, 3 x 15 ab throws with the 6 lb med ball, 3 x 10 lunges with med ball, 3 x 12 bench press while lying on the mat with the 10 lb free weights, 3 x 12 sitting crunch with med ball pass. Today was a very good workout for my client. Tuesday we did the ropes together for training. There were just three of us there so we were able to do two stations and then run. This was such a great workout. The different stations were: inward circles, outward circles, s-wave, standard, alternating, free rope overhead, and tsunami. Wednesday we met in Centennial and we did something very different. My client had been voicing that her back has been giving her some trouble so I decided to do a more controlled day. We did Doc's dynamic warm-up with a few of Brian's exercises added in. My client really enjoyed this. It was actually a workout because we did each one across the court and then back. These exercises stretched her out very well, worked on her balance, and strengthened her core.

Monday, November 9, 2009

11/4 Shepherd's Center (9 hrs)

Research Day at Shepherd's was such a great experience. My favorite part of the day was the tour that they took us on. The man who showed us around was so personable and such a wonderful guide! He took us to the gyms and rehab rooms and technology room and told us some really fun facts about Shepherds. The research part of the day was a little long and a lot of it seemed to be over my head, but still interesting none the less. A lot of the day was thanking and recognizing people that had been performing research. But the part actually explaining some of the studies going on was interesting. One of the coolest things to me about the day was one of my friends just got transferred to Shepherds so I was able to see his family. While I was meeting the family, I actually got to meet Mr. Shepherd, the man who started the hospital! He was so down to earth and such an upbeat man. This day was such an awesome day!

11/2-11/5 Paint Men's Health Sheet (5 hrs)

We had to paint the sheet for Men's Health Day that takes place on November 11. This took way longer than Jules and I expected. It takes a lot of coats to make the letters look good and then a lot of restroaking to make the edges not look sloppy. But overall I think that the sheet turned out pretty well!

11/4 Sweet Dreams (1.5 hours)

The Sweet Dreams seminar was pretty interesting. I didn't really learn anything that I didn't already know other than about the disorders. A lot of the presentation was common sense, like only use the bed for sleeping...don't eat or study or do anything else in your bed, be sure your partner doesn't snore or act crazy in bed because that will hinder your sleeping. Don't eat big meals, caffiene, or unhealthy foods right before you go to bed. They talked a little bit about sleep pattern and when we go into deep sleep. I enjoyed the talk though. Then the movie was so great! I love that movie.

Research Lab

This week we did another leg submax test. The participant did very well. I think it's very interesting how encouragement helps people. I feel like when we verbally encourage the people they start pushing themselves so much harder than when they are just riding in silence. I'm excited to start tallying the results of the study. I want to see the effect the caffeine has on VO2 max.

Personal Training 11/2-11/3 (2.5 hours)

Monday we started with the Big 3 as usual. Then we did light jog for 5 mins alternating running hard 1 minute and then jogging slowly for 1 minute for 15 minutes then cool down for 5 minutes. Then for two sets we did 12 squats, 12 free weight bench press with 10 lb weights, 12 upright rows with 10 lb weights, 12 tricep pushbacks with 5 lb weights, 12 back extensions on the exercise ball and 12 bicep curls with 10 lb weights. Then to end we did some stretching. On Tuesday we were able to do the ropes for our training session. We had about eight different stations. We did three stations and then ran for the fourth. The stations were regular, S wave, figure 8, tossing the medicine ball against the wall, inner circles, outer circles, alternating, and swinging the free rope overhead. This was my clients first time doing ropes. She really enjoyed it.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ropes 10/27 (1 hour)

Today was our first day attempting a ropes class in Centennial for anyone who wants to come can come. It was fun! I haven't done ropes in forever but I did it with the group and it was a great workout. We set up about 6 stations and did two stations and the ran a lap for active recovery. Overall I believe we did the entire circuit four times. I was very fatigued when it was over, but very satisfied with how the class went.

Research Lab 10/27 - 10/29 (4 hours)

We are still helping with the caffeine study in the lab. We are watching Dr. Black and Kori perform the tests. I helped some with the rate of percieved exertion chart as well as taking off and reapplying the nose piece to the person doing the test. This only occurs during submax tests though where they have to ride for a straight 30 mins. I did get to see one max test with a girl who absolutely rocked it. She did such an awesome job and pushed herself to the max. It was so interesting because from the outside you would in no way think that this girl was very athletic or physically fit, but when she got on that bike she had some mean determination and just went to town. I also help clean and reassemble all the equipment for the tests. I enjoy helping in the research lab.

Personal Training 10/26 - 10/29 (3 hours)

This week was a busy week. Monday I wasn't able to stay with my client for very long because I had to meet with my professor. But I was able to give her the workout past what we did together. She ran outside for thirty mins (running for 20 of the 30 mins). In the weight room:bicep curls 3 x 12 with 10 lb weights, Tricep pull backs 3 x 12 with 10 lb weights, Split leg squats 3 x 12 with 12.5 lb then 10 for last two sets, Hamstring Curls 3 x 12 with the 30 lb weight on there. She did the bicep curls, then the split leg squats, then triceps, then hamstring. End with the Martino ab workout. She said that she was feeling better this week and that the workout felt really good to her! I like it when she enjoys her workouts. Wednesday she ran for 25 mins and then did 3 x 12 push-ups, 3 x 12 wall squats with med ball, 3 x 12 jumping lunges, 3 x 12 bench press/tricep backs. Friday we did an awesome card workout! Since it was so beautiful outside, I incorporated some outside and inside into the workout--A: run stairs outside of Centennial, K: Run a lap, Q: 4 ab rounds (this is where you lay on your back, then you lift your trunk and bent knees at the same time for 4 seconds then you straighten your legs and hold for 4 seconds then you lie down again and repeat the round), J: Plank for 30 sec, Club: Push-ups, Spade: bench press/tricep back, Hearts: Abduction/Adducation Leg Lifts with the 12 lb body bar resting on the foot, Diamonds: Squat/Leg raise using the body bar as stabilization in front of you. This week was a good week of training! My client seems to be feeling a lot stronger. She is a little disappointed that she hasn't seen gains in her muscle by looking in the mirror, but she does say that her clothes fit her better which is a plus. What she really wants is to see definition in her arms. I may try to up our cardio a little bit.