Sunday, October 4, 2009

Personal Training 9/28-10/4 (4 hr)

Monday we just did our workout in the depot. Since my client really enjoys being outdoors and gets really bored working out indoors, I try to do most of our workouts outside. Monday it wasn't really pretty outside, so we started out doing 25 mins on the ellyptical doing Kilamanjaro setting. Then we did 3 sets of 10 of split leg squats, bicep curls, tricep pull backs, and hamstring curls. Then we did leg push down ab workout. Friday we did a different workout that I gleaned from something Jules does with her client. We had 10lb dumbells as well as the medicine ball outside. We alternated running, med ball, lunges, bicep curls, running, med ball, karaoke, pushups, running, medball...etc. This was a very good workout! After my client said that she felt like it worked her entire body. Sunday we just went on a long walk/run.

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