Thursday, December 10, 2009

11/30 Personal Training (1.5 hours)

Today is the last session that we will have for this semester. Both my client and I are hard pressed with finals and studying and final projects so today is our last day. I let my client decide what she wanted to do today. We did 10 mins on the bike and 20 mins on the treadmill. Then we did ball throws on the balance pad, ab leg throwdowns, pushups, side lunges, front lunges and squats. This has been a great experience getting to know my client and helping her in gaining a healthier lifestyle and habit. I was so proud of her improvements from the first exercise test to the last. She improved her VO2max as well as her body fat!

Personal Training 11/23 (1 hour)

Since Thanksgiving break is at the end of this week we just did an intense cardio workout with only a little bit of weights. She did 15 mins on the bike, 15 mins on the elliptical and 9 mins on the stairmaster. Then we did squats with the med ball and a lot of abs work with the 6 lb medicine ball and the exercise ball. Great workout today. I told my client to do as much as she could over the break so that when we return she isn't totally winded.

GCSU Basketball game (2 hrs)

This was a great game! It was pack the house in green so we all wore our Game Day Green shirts!

Personal Training 11/16-11/19 (3.25 hours)

This week we trained on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. It was a good week for training. She started out Monday a little slow because we didn't train much last week. But she always pushes herself so hard and does her best. Monday she ran outside for 25 mins and then she did two sets of 12 of each of these exercises: Squats with 12.5 lb free weights, Bench press with 12.5 lb free weights, Upright rows with 7.5 lb free weights, standing lunge, back extension, ab med and exercise ball. Wednesday we did a card workout at centennial: Ace-stairs, K- sprint a lap, Q- 4 ab rounds, J-15 second planks, Club-push-ups, Spade-tricep push backs, Hearts-leg lifts with 12 pound bar, diamonds-jump rope for 1 minute. Card workouts are the best! We get such a great workout whenever we do them! Thursday was a good workout day as well we did the usual in the gym. Bike 10 mins, Run 10 mins and then Stairmaster for 10 minutes. For weights we did a circuit of pushups, 12.5 lb free weight bench press, squats with the medicine ball, 6 lb med ball throws on the balance pad and traveling lunges. My client is just a great person to work with!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Personal Training 11/9-11/11 (3.75 hrs)

This Monday we met at the depot. My client began the workout with the Big 3. She has stayed at 15 sec for each of the exercises. Then she ran for 10 minutes on the treadmill at a 5.5 pace at an incline of 2. Then she biked on the stationary bike for 15 minutes at level 4 on the random setting. She was pretty tired after this, but she has been expressing to me that she desires to do more cardio so then we did the stairmaster for 9 minutes. We could tell that we hadn't done the stairmaster in a while and that our body wasn't used to it because we got fatigued faster than usual. But she did complete the entire 9 minutes so we were both very proud. Then she did 3 x 12 pushups, 3 x 15 ab throws with the 6 lb med ball, 3 x 10 lunges with med ball, 3 x 12 bench press while lying on the mat with the 10 lb free weights, 3 x 12 sitting crunch with med ball pass. Today was a very good workout for my client. Tuesday we did the ropes together for training. There were just three of us there so we were able to do two stations and then run. This was such a great workout. The different stations were: inward circles, outward circles, s-wave, standard, alternating, free rope overhead, and tsunami. Wednesday we met in Centennial and we did something very different. My client had been voicing that her back has been giving her some trouble so I decided to do a more controlled day. We did Doc's dynamic warm-up with a few of Brian's exercises added in. My client really enjoyed this. It was actually a workout because we did each one across the court and then back. These exercises stretched her out very well, worked on her balance, and strengthened her core.

Monday, November 9, 2009

11/4 Shepherd's Center (9 hrs)

Research Day at Shepherd's was such a great experience. My favorite part of the day was the tour that they took us on. The man who showed us around was so personable and such a wonderful guide! He took us to the gyms and rehab rooms and technology room and told us some really fun facts about Shepherds. The research part of the day was a little long and a lot of it seemed to be over my head, but still interesting none the less. A lot of the day was thanking and recognizing people that had been performing research. But the part actually explaining some of the studies going on was interesting. One of the coolest things to me about the day was one of my friends just got transferred to Shepherds so I was able to see his family. While I was meeting the family, I actually got to meet Mr. Shepherd, the man who started the hospital! He was so down to earth and such an upbeat man. This day was such an awesome day!

11/2-11/5 Paint Men's Health Sheet (5 hrs)

We had to paint the sheet for Men's Health Day that takes place on November 11. This took way longer than Jules and I expected. It takes a lot of coats to make the letters look good and then a lot of restroaking to make the edges not look sloppy. But overall I think that the sheet turned out pretty well!