Sunday, October 25, 2009

Personal Training 10/19-10/23 (5 hours)

This week was a great week of Personal Training. We really could tell how much my client had improved. We increased her reps and her weight on some of our workouts. She got really excited about the improvements she has made! On Monday she started with 20 minutes on the ellyptical with above 7 RPM for 2 mins and below for 1 min. She alternated back and forth. Then she did 10 mins on the bike on the random setting. Then we did 3 sets of each of these exercises: pushups (10 reps, 10 reps, 15 reps), exercise ball squats (10, 10, 10), ab leg pushdowns (20, 20, 20), stability pad throws (15, 25, 35), lastly leg lifts ( 10, 10 , 10) She really enjoyed this workout. Tuesday she ran outside for 25 mins and then came inside to do some exercises. Pushups 12 x 3, Sitting crunch with Medicine ball 12 x 3, Jumping lunges 10, 8, 6, Abs on exercise ball with the med ball passes 12 x 3, Bench press with 10 lb free weights 15 x 3. Then she did the Martino ab ball workout. She was feeling super spunky today and just wanted to keep on working out! She felt very energetic. I think a lot of her excitement was from how well she is doing in her workouts. She remembers at the beginning when she could only do 12 solid pushups and now she is up to 3 sets of 12! On Wednesday we did a card workout.
A: Plank, K: 2 mins running outside, Q: 5 shoulder raises, 5 lat raises, 5 V raises with 5 lb weights, J: Throw 6 lb med ball on balance board for 20 times, Spade: Push-ups, Clubs: Jumping Lunges, Hearts: sitting crunch with 6 lb med ball throw, Diamond: Band pull backs. It was such a lovely day outside, we brought all of our equipment outside and did the workout on the porch of the depot. It was so great! Friday was another fun day! I set up a circuit in the gym. We did each spot for a minute and between each exercise we ran a lap in the gym. The stations were: 1) Jumprope 2) squat throwing tennis balls against the wall 3) Shoot the basketball if you miss you run to half court and back 4) Bicep curls with the 12 lb body bar 5) Crunches 6) Band pull backs 7) Split leg squats....My client wasn't feeling very well today. She didn't really seem to be giving it her all like she normally does. She said that she had a really bad headache. So we only went through the circuit one time. But she said she really liked the workout and she wanted to do it another day when she was feeling better and we could go through it more than just once. Overall, this was a great week of training!

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