Sunday, September 13, 2009

Personal Training 9/8-9/11

This week was a great week with my client! We were able to meet three times this week and have three solid workouts. Since we were out of school on Monday, we ended up meeting on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesday we ran for about 15 mins and then ended up at Centennial and did four rounds of stairs for cardio. Then we came back to the depot for resistance training. We focused on arms and went light on the legs. Then we ended with some Big Ball workout. We did something different where she would do five sit-ups on the ball while throwing the Medicine ball at me and then would do five push-ups and then 4, 3, 2, etc. She really liked it and felt like it would great. Wednesday we did the card workout in Centennial. She had never done it before and really enjoyed the variety it entailed. For hearts we did squats with weights, for clubs we bicycled abs, for diamonds we lifted weights with our arms, for spades we did mountain climbers, for aces we ran steps and then for the face cards we would run one lap around the top. She had to leave a little early so we couldn't quite do the entire deck, which was unfortunate; but we got a good 45 mins in. Then Friday was a fun day at the pit. She started by running one lap around the pit while I set up the circuit. We went through the circuit three times, five stations (abs, bicep curls, shoulder raises, pushups, box jumps). Then we ended by running four hills on the big hill on the side of the pit. Needless to say we got a total body work out. My client said that she really enjoyed it because she had to push herself but it wasn't to where it hurt. She just liked the challenge of an unusual but harder workout.

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