Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Training Session

This week was the beginning of my Personal Training experience. To begin with I was very nervous. The person that I am training has a few specific goals that she desires to accomplish during our training sessions, but her main goal is to just forming a routine and feeling more comfortable in her workout routine. She desires to learn enough to when I am no longer with her she can still enjoy working out and not getting bored with it. Our first consultation went really well. She was very receptive and very excited about beginning our journey. After the consultation we did a fitness test and that concluded our first session. We decided that our meeting times are going to be Mon, Wed, Fri at 11:00. Our first real session was Monday. We began by doing the Big 3 and I decided that we are going to do this to start every session. The importance of a solid core has been drilled into our heads since we have begun the program. Next, we went into the weight room and I showed her the correct technique to multiple arm exercises that we will be using throughout the semester. We ended with some Exercise Ball work. The first session was very successful. My client seemed to really enjoy it and I think that this semester is going to be really fun training her.

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