Monday, September 28, 2009

Personal Training 9/21-9/25 (3 hours)

Due to my client's busy schedule, we were only able to meet twice this week. The workouts we did though seemed to be full body engaging. Monday we focused on abs and arms. Since one of my client's goals is to gain more upper body strength, I try to do arms and shoulders as much as possible. She always starts with the Big 3 (planks 12 sec and superman 15 sec). For cardio we did the Kilamanjaro setting on the ellyptical for 25 mins at high RPM. Then at 1/3 of the way through she went for 30 seconds as hard as she could and then did the same thing 2/3s of the way through. Then I wanted to have a baseline of how many push-ups she can do so we can try to increase that number over the semester. So she did 12 solid push-ups. Then ball roll ups on the exercise ball alternating with push-ups on the exercise ball--5,4,3,2,1. 25 crunches on the Exercise ball. Then we ended by using the 6 lb medicine ball and throwing it with our right arm, left arm and then both arms together 15 throws with each. On Wednesday we did the card game. Every time we do this my client loves it! The variety and constant movement is such a fun way to get a full body workout but have fun at the same time! Here is our workout:
Hearts: abs on exercise ball while chest passing the 6 lb med ball (5 and below double number)
Clubs: bicep curls with 10 lb dumb bells
Diamonds: Burpees with pushup
Spades: Exercise ball squats on wall
Ace: With 5 lb dumb bell 5 shoulder raises, 5 lateral raises, and 5 V's
King: 2 mins on stairmaster
Queen: High knees in place for 30 secs
Jack: Throw 6 lb med ball 15 times
Needless to say we were soaked with sweat after this workout!! It was great!

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