Monday, September 28, 2009

Men's Basketball Workout (2 hours)

This week the guys started a new phase of their workout. Many of the exercises are similar but some of them are completely different. Monday I was stationed at the one leg box squat. This was very scary because if the athletes weren't focused or did not get enough height, there could be a serious fall. I did have two instances where I had to catch players that tripped. The single leg squat seems very interesting. The person has to generate an explosive force through one leg to be able to get up on the box. This is very difficult looking. Wednesday was another ropes day. This workout seems to be the most difficult for the team as a whole. This is when you can tell who truly pushes themselves versus who just does enough to get by. I was stationed at the outer circles and the plank. The person at the circles has to have enough slack on the ground to where when they produce the circles they make it almost to the pole. They have to stabilize their core and squat. The planks were difficult for them because they were already so fatigued. I really enjoy doing the men's basketball workouts.

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