Sunday, September 13, 2009

Basketball and Cheerleading Workouts 9/8-9/11

This week in the Basketball workout was pretty much the usual. The players' form at each of the stations is getting way better. I didn't have to correct near as many as I have the last couple of weeks. They seem to be working harder as well. I really enjoy working with this team. Some of them ask, "Am I doing this correctly, or Do I have good form?" I just like how they care about doing it right and seeing effects.

This was the first time that I have gone to the cheerleading workouts. This was interesting seeing as it was 5 a.m. But it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. The cheerleaders were not as weight savvy as the basketball team. One could tell that many of the girls had never lifted much before in their life. This was good for me though because I was pretty constant in correcting form or helping that I didn't get sleepy. Then we helped them with their form for an ab workout.

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