Sunday, September 20, 2009

Personal Training 9/14 - 9/18 (4.5 hours)

Every session we start out doing the Big 3 to strengthen the core. My client is getting much stronger in this area. We are up to 12 secs, two times all sides on the plank. Monday was an intense arm day. We did bicep curls, tridep pull backs, shoulder raises, and free weight bench press. We did ten reps and went through the cycle three times. She used the 10 lb weights for everything except the bicep curls where she used 12.5 lb weights. Then using the Exercise ball she did 2 x 25 sit-ups and 10 x 2 knee roll-ups. For cardio, we did 25 mins on the ellyptical and 4 mins on the stairmaster. This was her first experience with the stairmaster and she thought it was killer. We will try to work our time up on that. On Wednesday, we did the ellyptical for 10 mins doing the interval training workout. On the more resistance periods I had her keep the RPM above 6 and on the lower resistance above 7. Then on the treadmill she started out with a speed of 4 and an incline of 3. For three minutes. Then we increased the incline to 4 and the speed to 5. She did this for ten minutes. Then with the Exercise Ball she did the Martino ball workout placed on the wall in the depot. She did each with ten reps. Then with the 6 lb medicine ball we threw with each arm back and forth ten times. She did wall squats on the exercise ball 15 x 2 and ab crunches while throwing the med ball 10 x 2. Then on Thursday we mixed it up a bit and did the card workout. This was a challenge for my client; but she really enjoyed it! Here are what each of the cards stood for:
Aces: Run on the curves and on the straight ways first ace do grapevines, second ace do butt kicks, third ace do high knees, and fourth ace do lunges (these almost did us in :)
Kings: run the stairs (half of the gyms worth)
Queens: Leg bicycles keeping the abdominals contracted
Jacks: Mountain climbers
Spades: Squats with the 12 pound body bar on our shoulders
Diamonds: Flutter kicks with our legs
Hearts: X-factors to strengthen the back
Clubs: Down with your arms to the ground and then push the feet back and then jump up
This was my favorite workout of the week. It was very challenging, but also very fun! Also, I enjoyed that a junior Ex Sci major came and did the workout with us.

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