Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Personal Training 10/26 - 10/29 (3 hours)

This week was a busy week. Monday I wasn't able to stay with my client for very long because I had to meet with my professor. But I was able to give her the workout past what we did together. She ran outside for thirty mins (running for 20 of the 30 mins). In the weight room:bicep curls 3 x 12 with 10 lb weights, Tricep pull backs 3 x 12 with 10 lb weights, Split leg squats 3 x 12 with 12.5 lb then 10 for last two sets, Hamstring Curls 3 x 12 with the 30 lb weight on there. She did the bicep curls, then the split leg squats, then triceps, then hamstring. End with the Martino ab workout. She said that she was feeling better this week and that the workout felt really good to her! I like it when she enjoys her workouts. Wednesday she ran for 25 mins and then did 3 x 12 push-ups, 3 x 12 wall squats with med ball, 3 x 12 jumping lunges, 3 x 12 bench press/tricep backs. Friday we did an awesome card workout! Since it was so beautiful outside, I incorporated some outside and inside into the workout--A: run stairs outside of Centennial, K: Run a lap, Q: 4 ab rounds (this is where you lay on your back, then you lift your trunk and bent knees at the same time for 4 seconds then you straighten your legs and hold for 4 seconds then you lie down again and repeat the round), J: Plank for 30 sec, Club: Push-ups, Spade: bench press/tricep back, Hearts: Abduction/Adducation Leg Lifts with the 12 lb body bar resting on the foot, Diamonds: Squat/Leg raise using the body bar as stabilization in front of you. This week was a good week of training! My client seems to be feeling a lot stronger. She is a little disappointed that she hasn't seen gains in her muscle by looking in the mirror, but she does say that her clothes fit her better which is a plus. What she really wants is to see definition in her arms. I may try to up our cardio a little bit.

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