Monday, November 9, 2009

11/4 Shepherd's Center (9 hrs)

Research Day at Shepherd's was such a great experience. My favorite part of the day was the tour that they took us on. The man who showed us around was so personable and such a wonderful guide! He took us to the gyms and rehab rooms and technology room and told us some really fun facts about Shepherds. The research part of the day was a little long and a lot of it seemed to be over my head, but still interesting none the less. A lot of the day was thanking and recognizing people that had been performing research. But the part actually explaining some of the studies going on was interesting. One of the coolest things to me about the day was one of my friends just got transferred to Shepherds so I was able to see his family. While I was meeting the family, I actually got to meet Mr. Shepherd, the man who started the hospital! He was so down to earth and such an upbeat man. This day was such an awesome day!

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