Thursday, December 10, 2009

Personal Training 11/16-11/19 (3.25 hours)

This week we trained on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. It was a good week for training. She started out Monday a little slow because we didn't train much last week. But she always pushes herself so hard and does her best. Monday she ran outside for 25 mins and then she did two sets of 12 of each of these exercises: Squats with 12.5 lb free weights, Bench press with 12.5 lb free weights, Upright rows with 7.5 lb free weights, standing lunge, back extension, ab med and exercise ball. Wednesday we did a card workout at centennial: Ace-stairs, K- sprint a lap, Q- 4 ab rounds, J-15 second planks, Club-push-ups, Spade-tricep push backs, Hearts-leg lifts with 12 pound bar, diamonds-jump rope for 1 minute. Card workouts are the best! We get such a great workout whenever we do them! Thursday was a good workout day as well we did the usual in the gym. Bike 10 mins, Run 10 mins and then Stairmaster for 10 minutes. For weights we did a circuit of pushups, 12.5 lb free weight bench press, squats with the medicine ball, 6 lb med ball throws on the balance pad and traveling lunges. My client is just a great person to work with!

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